Brendan ONeil – Founder and Lead Developer
Brendan is the creator of Cheecoin as well as the founder of Bonfire VFX – an award-winning Visual Effects Studio.
John Ladis – Head of Marketing
John has been an avid supported of Cheecoin since day 1 and his insight has been invaluable. He is always available to chat on Telegram.
Demian Gordon – Lead NFT Artist & NFT Dev
Demian is an Oscar nominated VFX artist and responsible for many films such as The Matrix, Watchmen, Spiderman, Planet of the Apes and more.
SPENCER – Software Engineer
Spencer graduated from a top New York University with a degree in Computer Science. His math skills are insane and we are lucky to have him.
Alex Stickle – Financial Consultant
After working for over a decade in personal asset management and as an analyst at a prominent Chicago Hedge Fund, Alex shifted into the crypto sector in 2017 and never looked back.
Liam ONEIL – Head Admin
Liam is a committed admin and also Brendan’s brother. Together they make this a family business and they are both committed to taking Cheecoin to the moon.
ROOSTER – Quality Control
Rooster is an amazing member of the team since day! He makes sure all things are looking fresh and we are following the rules.
David Lembarti- Graphic Designer
David helps us keep things looking fresh and each day is helping us bring you amazing new content to help you understand and follow Cheecoin.
KAIT ONEIL – Charity Coordinator
Kait helps us with her magic disney touch to animals. Her soft nature and amazing care to detail help us keep our charities on track.
QUEEN MONIQUE – Marketing Lead
The Queen is a marketing and meme master and she cannot be underestimated. She’s got amazing ideas and can be found on Discord and Telegram.
Kronos- Discord Manager
Kronos has been brought on to help us bring Discord to life. He hails from a land where they speak Portuguese and you can find him on Discord and Telegram helping build this project like a champ.
ERAY- Analyst
Eray has a skill for the market and analysing statistical impacts to maximize marketing. If you want us to hire you, you have to go through Eray first.
AJ Clark –  Video Editor
AJ is an accomplished video and film editor and has worked for many top level VFX and Editorial companies in NYC and Los Angels.